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To nurture and cultivate professional knowledge required by the  fast changing society, to cooperate with the government and private organizations in both Thailand and overseas, and to manage and provide education focusing on excellence in Science and Mathematics in the secondary levels by utilizing the advantages of a boarding school for gifted students or those who have  a high potential in science and mathematics.

The aims to promote and develop the students to

1.  Realize in self-value ,self-discipline ,follow the principles of the Buddhism or  their religious, ethical behavior, good personality and being leader.

2.  Understand the basic principles of mathematics and sciences profoundly when compared to the same international standard.

3.  Initiative, having spirit as the researcher, inventor and developer of mathematics, science, and technology compared to the same international standard.

4.  Have knowledge and skills in foreign languages and information technology effectively, compared to the same international standard.

5.  Have a sense of Thai dignity, understand, love and pride in the nation’s history and local, good citizenship, persist in democracy.

6. Have a conscious of  conservation in Thai language, Thai culture, tradition and folk wisdom including natural resources and environment, good attitude toward colleges and nature.

7.  Persist and compensate good benefit to society and nation according to their potentials.

8.  Have good health, always doing exercises and took after themselves both mind and health.